Desert Safari Clothing in Winter

So, We know that winter is the finest moment to go for your desert safari and many more visiting places in Dubai. The temperature leans to be cooler from November to February, specifically in the desert after sunset and until earlier morning. So, You Make it infallible to outfit in coatings, so you effortlessly pull your external coatings off once the sunlight’s out Long jeans with Cardigans or Jumpers would be excellent. Scroll down to read guides about Dressing for the Desert – Season wise

In the winter season Be certain to maintain a snug-fitting cap with ear flaps or earmuffs to safeguard against the chilly breeze. In winter or cooler times Carrying a bandanna (Scarf or pashmina shawl is recommended in the morning and evening time. Lip balms and moisturizing creams can be taken to avoid dry skin because in winter skin will be dried.

winter equipment for desert safari

Desert Safari Clothing in Spring

From March to May, the weather of the Desert safari is friendly and comfortable to enjoy the best adventure. Layered clothing can be skipped, and casual clothing can be modeled during these months of spring in the desert. So, Make sure to have a jacket, as temperatures drop at night but it’s enjoyable. The climate is nice and relaxed from March to May in the Dubai Desert.

Desert Safari Clothing in Summer

From April onwards the temperature is scorching and is moist until September month. Weightless and breathable fabric cloths are the key to persisting the summer in Dubai desert safari. Though the climate may drop a bit at night in the desert but its enjoying, it is recommended to wear flexible clothes. So, you can keep Tights, bombers, and sweatshirts can be swapped for cotton t-shirts and pants in your backpack. And do not skip sunscreen, particularly during these months to enjoy the best adventures in the Desert.

summer in desert safari

Desert Safari Clothing in Autumn

From the end of September to early November, the heat climate tends to decrease. However, it is always most useful to wear light clothing until winter starts.

autumn in desert safari

Enjoy the best adventures in Desert Safari according the season. we are guiding the Dressing for the Desert – Season wise.

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